Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of the greatest Kara failures ever.

Let me start off by saying that the stupid html codething still isn't working, so I'm gonna have to manually do it until I can get it fixed.

That being said, I had one of the greatest Kara runs in the world last night even though we couldn't down Prince and we didn't bother with Nethersprite.

Friday we had run kara as a guild with our nonguild priest friend, Evenfall. We only wiped once at Opera (but we did complete it[it was Romeo and Juliette]) before calling it a night due to lateness. "Same time tomorrow, guys," says Sannhet, the Guild Leader.

Fast forward to the next day, same time. We had about 5 of the people who ran kara the night before, and two weren't able to go. Podias, our raid officer, wasn't going to be back until late, and Sannhet had no place to play. Bellwether, the awesomest resto druid in the world, was not feeling well and went to bed early. Being the only officer on at that time, I called it a night unless somebody else wanted to try to get a half pug going. Greid, who I had just recruited that day, was on and said "Why not" and started putting something together. We had him, Darelin, myself, Chronodar and Finnvarra. We start pugging. Evenfall wasn't on that night, so we needed a priest, a lock for illhoof, and a main tank, as Greid isn't quite to that level yet (though he's damn close). We found a shadow priest (and I feel terrible that I don't remember her name) early on, and eventually we found a fury warrior, Darkninja, and a resto druid, Degini. In comes our savior, Esyla, who said that Sann would be on in about 15 minutes. A full group, and still, for the most part, a guild run.

Anyway, first thing we do is Curator. We had a bit of trouble in the beginning with dps (we had mostly melee dps), but we downed him first shot. He dropped the Gloves of the Fallen Hero [Esyla] and the Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards. Being an upgrade from my Justice Bearer's Pauldrons despite being mail, I got them. Yay loot!

Next comes the Shade of Aran. One wipe due to that damned Flame Wreath, but we downed him after the next shot, and what should he drop but Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker, yet another upgrade for my shoulders since I could use the spell crit. Oh joyous me! I'll just disenchant the mail ones and sell the voids for the guild bank - Oh, wait. What's that? The Sunfire enchant? Yeah, the Sunfire enchant. I was actually beat out by one of the PUGs, but Sannhet is also an enchanter and won the roll altogether (and yes, he is an enchanter), and defaulted his roll to me. This raid could not get any better.

Next is Illhoof. Darelin offered up his spot for the battle to allow Podias a chance to get his staff. One wipe, then we get him. Yeah, the raid did get better. Terestian's Stranglestaff for Podias and the Soulfrost enchant for me (on a roll I won this time!). This is beautiful.

Anyway, chess event. Legplates of the Innocent, upgrade from Consortium Plated Legguards.

Now we're facing Prince. Our Warlock CO, Clabik, showed us a crack method of fighting him, where melee runs into the crack when they're enfeebled to line-of-sight the shadow nova. It worked like a charm when he was there, but this time, out of the three attempts at Prince, an infernal dropped right in front of the crack, forcing dps when enfeebled to either die or run back to the casters , where they would be useless. Needless to say, we didn't down it, and people were getting tired. We called it a night, possibly to try again today or tomorrow, before the server resets.

Anyway, let's recap. Out of the four bosses (including chess as a boss), I got five upgrades, even though one was immediately replaced. I'm fairly certain that if we had downed Prince his Light's Justice would have dropped. In any case, you would have to be crazy not to call this failure a huge success. Well, I would at least, because all that loot I got is loot that others didn't. Sorry guys. It's for the good of the guild?


Dani said...

All the fun happens when I'm sick.

Chris said...

Don't worry, nothing for you dropped.