Monday, January 28, 2008

BA Shared Topic: Enjoying Your Class

Siha of posted the first Blog Azeroth shared blog topic. Her question:

"What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?"

I have two answers, one for each main I have.

What do I like about Paladins? The first thing that comes to mind is "FoL spamming" because I'm a holy paladin. Whereas I do enjoy the incredible power of FoL spam, there's so much more to the paladin that I enjoy. They have the highest armor in the class, so even the healers are not squishy, granted the paladin doesn't downgrade armor. This, however, is another reason I like paladins. They can use any armor in the game that's not class-specific, so if those awesomely sexy Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards happens to drop and there are no shamans in the group, they're yours! As well, I love the hybrid factor they have. You can be healing today and tanking tomorrow, and even dpsing the next day (even though so many say that they can't. They can.) The buffs they give are some of the best, they have a great variety of buffs to benefit every class, every raid, just about every situation. They have 12 seconds of immunity, and can give others 10 seconds of physical immunity. The seal/judgment skills are not only extremely useful for a variety of situations, but they're also a great idea and can be a lot of fun. A slightly different look at the hybrid part of paladins is the shockadin spec. A shockadin truly deserves the title of the paladin: A holy warrior, able to smite enemies and heal allies.

And what about druids? Well, the hybrid part plays just as big a role here. On top of this, their feral spec is, in my opinion, the single greatest tree in the game. With some help from the restoration tree, you have a high-dps class and a great tanking class with one spec and two sets of armor. Druids also get to shapeshift. While this has its downs (there's no changing the appearance of your forms, so your level 10 bear and your SSC-tanking bear look exactly the same), it also has its ups, such as armor ambiguity. Great for pvp, as your opponents can't study your armor and know that you're in, say full vengeful. With every spec, you have something new to shapeshift into, be it moonkins or trees. Stealing Phealia's reason, druid healers are truly unique in the way they heal. I've never been one, but I'm always a fan of individuality, so it's definately a reason I like them. Lastly, instant shift into flight form. 'Nuff said.

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