Sunday, January 20, 2008

Follow Up 2:Shockadins

Told you I'm forgetful, didn't I?

Here are some suggested builds for the three types of paladin healers.

Raid Healer

These are pretty much the talents you're really going to want to get as a raid healer. In the holy tree, most of it is self-explainatory. Intellect, more heals, higher crit, etc etc etc. Improved Lay on Hands is good in the last moments of a boss battle and you have no mana and no way of getting more. It will heal your MT for the total of your life (anywhere between, say, 5000 and 8000 for Karazhan) with a chance to crit, and it gives a major armor buff of 30% for 2 minutes. Unyielding faith isn't particularly necessary, but is the best option to progress further into the tree. It could save the team when your other healers are running around in circles.

In the protection tree, you have improved devotion aura for your tanks (even if you have a paladin tank, they usually don't get this in favor of better talents), Guardian's favor for a reduced cooldown on an aggro drop, and Blessing of Kings. Toughness is a filler. Many healing specs I see opt for redoubt over Improved Devotion, which I never really understood. Maybe all of the other holy paladins I've played with were really pvp specced and I never knew.

With your remaining eight talent points, you can pretty much do whatever you want with them.If you look at my current spec (subject to change), I chose Improved Blessing of Wisdom, Pure of Heart, and Blessed Life. I'm...not sure why. Improved BoW is nice - I believe it gives about 8 extra mp5 - but the others are far less useful. Few enemies curse the healer and I can dispel diseases. Blessed Life isn't even worth having. I'm considering switching over my three Blessed Life points and two of my Pure of Heart points over to Improved Blessing of Might. Since we have two Paladin tanks and a Retadin, I'll be able to bless everybody with my improved blessings while they salv/king/etc.

PvP Healer

A pvp healer has all of the same healing abilities of a raid healer with the exception of improved LOH since that's not usable in arena. Where to spend those extra points is what you want to consider now. Unyielding faith is a must for just about any pvper, Pure of heart is a filler that can help against warlocks.

In the protection tree, redoubt is generally taken over Improved Devotion since you're going to want Concentration Aura up most of the time anyway. It's not to say that redoubt will be very useful since you can't block while casting, but if your team is at full health and you have a warrior coming at you, it's better than five wasted points. Toughness is the next choice as, since you're in a pvp setting, you are going to be taking damage. The more armor you have, the less damage you take (Also note that, even though it's generally accepted to downgrade from plate in a raid setting, you DO NOT want to do this in pvp). Guardian's favor would be nice for the increased Blessing of Freedom time, but lack of points makes it hard to take. Blessing of Kings is generally the preffered buff in pvp and Righteous Fury gives you 6% less damage taken from all sources. Shield Spec is a filler, though one that may help on occasion (I'm not sure whether or not it would be more adventageous to take 1 point in Anticipation instead). Improved Concentration Aura is a must with its ability to reduce silence/interrupts by 30%. Stoicism is another good talent for pvp, but a lack of talent points makes it tough to get.

Shockadin Build

This is Popov's build. Under the holy tree, he has just enough points to get him down to Holy Guidance. Only one semi-filler I can see is Light's Grace, which can't even really be called such, since it will greatly increase your ability to heal. The lack of Blessed Life is something I would consider, as I personally feel that any pvp paladin that can get their hands on this should. I would probably switch the 3 points from Light's Grace over to Blessed Life.

Under retribution, there's really not much choice here, I don't think. As a shocky, you're going to be judging and sealing as often as possible, so benediction is the choice here. You're going to want to keep wisdom up on yourself anyway, as your focus is magical damage, and you'll likely need the extra mana regen. Improved Crusader and Judgments is a no-brainer, it gives you a lot of extra damage. The parry would be nice, though you really don't have room to get it. Vindication is incredible. It lowers your enemy's...everything. Any pvp paladin speccing into ret wants this. Pursuit of Justice is nice, as the speed increase helps you stay with your opponent since staying in melee range is important, and the lowered chance to get hit with spells is always a plus. Spells always hurt. A lot. Your seal of choice is Seal of Righteousness, so SoComm isn't needed, and your white damage won't be very high, so Conviction isn't worth it. Eye for an Eye forces a spellcaster to take heavy damage damage when they crit you. And the best part is, you can heal through it. Crusade gives you 2% more damage. You don't want a third point in it, because that last talent point needs to go into Sanctity Aura, increasing your effective damage by 10%.

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