Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Hills Have Eyes

I was playing on my Troll Hunter the other day and I hit my map to see where I was going. It took me a few minutes to finally see it, but all of a sudden I saw the silhouette of a man's profile. Do you see it?

If you see ratchet, the bit of land just east of it and the shoreline leading north is the man's nose. The If you see the mountain range just south of my character cursor, directly west of that is the mouth (The man seems to be puckering up or something). The bottle necked area in southern barrens is the neck, and the somewhat wavy top where cartographer cuts off from Ashenvale is the hair.
Have you ever noticed anything like this in WoW?


Kyrilean of Arathor said...

That's pretty cool! It took me moment to see it, but it's there. The first thing I noticed was the shaded area looks like a cartoon puppy dog with big ears!

Chris said...

Heh, you're right, the shaded part reminds me a lot of Garfield's Odie!