Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's January 30th, and I've finally made a New Years resolution. Three, actually.

My first is to make Talkins a shockadin. When I first heard of this build, I've been thinking about making the switch, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I recently obtained the Banish More Demons daily quests, so I finally had a reason to hit things again on Twalkins. Being holy spec, the best way to do this is to play him as a shockadin. I was amazed at how much damage I was actually dealing in nearly all healing gear and no points in ret. On top of being able to solo effectively again, I will be able to pvp on Twalkins (Yeah, I can pvp now as a holy spec, but in my opinion, pvp is for hitting enemies. I don't want to only heal in pvp), and I can still offheal if my guild needs me for a run. As of now I am the only viable main healer (along with a resto druid or two) for Kara, so this change will happen once our other paladin healer and two holy priests ding Kara-ready. I may start healing pvp a bit, just to get a taste of it as well as some honor.

My second resolution is to make Twalvanis (My dr00d) able to tank Kara. He's pretty much there, he just needs more agility and less defense rating (428 out of the needed 415 - some gem replacements will fix that). He's already able to kitty into Kara very well, and he can probably offtank it as well. Our guild currently has three Paladin tanks (one of which will very soon be a warrior tank) and a Druid who can tank, but doesn't like to.

As for my third resolution, it's sort of been a resolution since I hit 70, but it was put on the backburner for a long time. That is getting my epic training. 11000 gold and a long quest chain to give it to both of my toons, though I'm only really worried about getting it for Twalvanis right now. He's my grinder/farmer.

On a slightly unrelated note, Bellwether of 4 Haelz is working on a list of every single druid skill, their advantages, and disadvantages. I think this is a great idea, so don't be surprised if you see something like it in the near future about paladins from me. Continue reading 'Resolutions'

Monday, January 28, 2008

BA Shared Topic: Enjoying Your Class

Siha of posted the first Blog Azeroth shared blog topic. Her question:

"What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?"

I have two answers, one for each main I have.

What do I like about Paladins? The first thing that comes to mind is "FoL spamming" because I'm a holy paladin. Whereas I do enjoy the incredible power of FoL spam, there's so much more to the paladin that I enjoy. They have the highest armor in the class, so even the healers are not squishy, granted the paladin doesn't downgrade armor. This, however, is another reason I like paladins. They can use any armor in the game that's not class-specific, so if those awesomely sexy Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards happens to drop and there are no shamans in the group, they're yours! As well, I love the hybrid factor they have. You can be healing today and tanking tomorrow, and even dpsing the next day (even though so many say that they can't. They can.) The buffs they give are some of the best, they have a great variety of buffs to benefit every class, every raid, just about every situation. They have 12 seconds of immunity, and can give others 10 seconds of physical immunity. The seal/judgment skills are not only extremely useful for a variety of situations, but they're also a great idea and can be a lot of fun. A slightly different look at the hybrid part of paladins is the shockadin spec. A shockadin truly deserves the title of the paladin: A holy warrior, able to smite enemies and heal allies.

And what about druids? Well, the hybrid part plays just as big a role here. On top of this, their feral spec is, in my opinion, the single greatest tree in the game. With some help from the restoration tree, you have a high-dps class and a great tanking class with one spec and two sets of armor. Druids also get to shapeshift. While this has its downs (there's no changing the appearance of your forms, so your level 10 bear and your SSC-tanking bear look exactly the same), it also has its ups, such as armor ambiguity. Great for pvp, as your opponents can't study your armor and know that you're in, say full vengeful. With every spec, you have something new to shapeshift into, be it moonkins or trees. Stealing Phealia's reason, druid healers are truly unique in the way they heal. I've never been one, but I'm always a fan of individuality, so it's definately a reason I like them. Lastly, instant shift into flight form. 'Nuff said. Continue reading 'BA Shared Topic: Enjoying Your Class'

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Hills Have Eyes

I was playing on my Troll Hunter the other day and I hit my map to see where I was going. It took me a few minutes to finally see it, but all of a sudden I saw the silhouette of a man's profile. Do you see it?

If you see ratchet, the bit of land just east of it and the shoreline leading north is the man's nose. The If you see the mountain range just south of my character cursor, directly west of that is the mouth (The man seems to be puckering up or something). The bottle necked area in southern barrens is the neck, and the somewhat wavy top where cartographer cuts off from Ashenvale is the hair.
Have you ever noticed anything like this in WoW?
Continue reading 'The Hills Have Eyes'

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Azeroth

In case you haven't heard already, there's a new place to be if you're a WoW Blogger, Blog Azeroth. It's a place for WoW Bloggers to go to talk to each other, introduce their sites, get information, help, suggestions, all sorts of fun stuff for a blogger to spend some time on. Even if you're not a blogger, but enjoy reading WoW blogs, it's worth looking at. Definately worth at least checking out, even if you don't think you'll be signing up. Continue reading 'Blog Azeroth'

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My druid got The Earthwarden today. Also, Pattern: Nethercleft Leg Armor. I am very happy. Continue reading 'Finally!'

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Follow Up 2:Shockadins

Told you I'm forgetful, didn't I?

Here are some suggested builds for the three types of paladin healers.

Raid Healer

These are pretty much the talents you're really going to want to get as a raid healer. In the holy tree, most of it is self-explainatory. Intellect, more heals, higher crit, etc etc etc. Improved Lay on Hands is good in the last moments of a boss battle and you have no mana and no way of getting more. It will heal your MT for the total of your life (anywhere between, say, 5000 and 8000 for Karazhan) with a chance to crit, and it gives a major armor buff of 30% for 2 minutes. Unyielding faith isn't particularly necessary, but is the best option to progress further into the tree. It could save the team when your other healers are running around in circles.

In the protection tree, you have improved devotion aura for your tanks (even if you have a paladin tank, they usually don't get this in favor of better talents), Guardian's favor for a reduced cooldown on an aggro drop, and Blessing of Kings. Toughness is a filler. Many healing specs I see opt for redoubt over Improved Devotion, which I never really understood. Maybe all of the other holy paladins I've played with were really pvp specced and I never knew.

With your remaining eight talent points, you can pretty much do whatever you want with them.If you look at my current spec (subject to change), I chose Improved Blessing of Wisdom, Pure of Heart, and Blessed Life. I'm...not sure why. Improved BoW is nice - I believe it gives about 8 extra mp5 - but the others are far less useful. Few enemies curse the healer and I can dispel diseases. Blessed Life isn't even worth having. I'm considering switching over my three Blessed Life points and two of my Pure of Heart points over to Improved Blessing of Might. Since we have two Paladin tanks and a Retadin, I'll be able to bless everybody with my improved blessings while they salv/king/etc.

PvP Healer

A pvp healer has all of the same healing abilities of a raid healer with the exception of improved LOH since that's not usable in arena. Where to spend those extra points is what you want to consider now. Unyielding faith is a must for just about any pvper, Pure of heart is a filler that can help against warlocks.

In the protection tree, redoubt is generally taken over Improved Devotion since you're going to want Concentration Aura up most of the time anyway. It's not to say that redoubt will be very useful since you can't block while casting, but if your team is at full health and you have a warrior coming at you, it's better than five wasted points. Toughness is the next choice as, since you're in a pvp setting, you are going to be taking damage. The more armor you have, the less damage you take (Also note that, even though it's generally accepted to downgrade from plate in a raid setting, you DO NOT want to do this in pvp). Guardian's favor would be nice for the increased Blessing of Freedom time, but lack of points makes it hard to take. Blessing of Kings is generally the preffered buff in pvp and Righteous Fury gives you 6% less damage taken from all sources. Shield Spec is a filler, though one that may help on occasion (I'm not sure whether or not it would be more adventageous to take 1 point in Anticipation instead). Improved Concentration Aura is a must with its ability to reduce silence/interrupts by 30%. Stoicism is another good talent for pvp, but a lack of talent points makes it tough to get.

Shockadin Build

This is Popov's build. Under the holy tree, he has just enough points to get him down to Holy Guidance. Only one semi-filler I can see is Light's Grace, which can't even really be called such, since it will greatly increase your ability to heal. The lack of Blessed Life is something I would consider, as I personally feel that any pvp paladin that can get their hands on this should. I would probably switch the 3 points from Light's Grace over to Blessed Life.

Under retribution, there's really not much choice here, I don't think. As a shocky, you're going to be judging and sealing as often as possible, so benediction is the choice here. You're going to want to keep wisdom up on yourself anyway, as your focus is magical damage, and you'll likely need the extra mana regen. Improved Crusader and Judgments is a no-brainer, it gives you a lot of extra damage. The parry would be nice, though you really don't have room to get it. Vindication is incredible. It lowers your enemy's...everything. Any pvp paladin speccing into ret wants this. Pursuit of Justice is nice, as the speed increase helps you stay with your opponent since staying in melee range is important, and the lowered chance to get hit with spells is always a plus. Spells always hurt. A lot. Your seal of choice is Seal of Righteousness, so SoComm isn't needed, and your white damage won't be very high, so Conviction isn't worth it. Eye for an Eye forces a spellcaster to take heavy damage damage when they crit you. And the best part is, you can heal through it. Crusade gives you 2% more damage. You don't want a third point in it, because that last talent point needs to go into Sanctity Aura, increasing your effective damage by 10%. Continue reading 'Follow Up 2:Shockadins'

Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow up: Shockadins

This is a video found of Popov of Malygos. He is a shockadin. And he kicks ass. Continue reading 'Follow up: Shockadins'

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shockadins vs. Heal Specs

Meet Bellbell. She is going to be a shockadin. What does this mean? It means she is going to spec into the holy tree down to Holy Shock, and she's going to spec into the retribution tree down to Sanctity Aura. This means that she will be able to heal, as well as deal a great ammount of burst damage. Why, then, doesn't every Healer paladin spec into ret to get the dps as well as heals?

Really, there's not a whole lot of difference between a full holy specced paladin (pvp or pve)and a shockadin as far as healing goes. Both specs take the most important parts of the holy tree, save for spiritual focus and perhaps Light's Grace. The difference is where each of the specs puts their remaining 20-something points.

A shockadin needs to invest the rest of their points into the ret tree down to Sanctity Aura, which increases all holy damage by 10%. This is what makes a shockadin. On the way, there are many other useful talents for them, such as Vindication, Crusade, Improved Seal of The Crusader, and Improved Judgements. Factor in their holy side of the spectrum, are capable of both burst DPS and healing, In an instance, they are able to heal with only 35 or so talents in holy because really, you don't even need that. As for healing a heroic, it's certainly possible, granted you have the healing gear. In the instance of Karazhan, they would best be suited as a dps/emergency healer. Could they MH Kara? Potentially, but you would be in dire need of a healer to recruit one as a main healer (and s/he had better have great healing gear). Without spiritual focus, things might be a bit difficult in situations that deal unavoidable damage to them, and the lack of Aura Mastery means you would be 10 yards closer to the enemies, which could also pose a problem. As an offhealer, I won't dispose of the possibility of them being able to heal (though it would still be difficult for the same reasons).

As for a Holy Paladin, they have some holy talents that considerably improve their healability/survivability. Spiritual Focus and Aura Mastry, namely, as well as Divine Illumination for the long fights. Past that, what does a raid healer have that a shocky doesn't? The ability to better assist the raid as a whole. A shockadin would essentially have 21 wasted points as a healer. Raid healers spec into Prot, giving Improved Devotion Aura for the tank and Blessing of Kings for...well, everybody. As well, they get a 3 minute cooldown on Blessing of Protection, which saves many a trigger-happy caster many a time.

We have one more spec to look at, that of the PvP healer. Their godsends versus shockadins in a healing situation is Blessed Life, Improved Righteous Fury, and Improved Concentration Aura. These talents greatly improve the pvping paladin's ability to survive, and keep others alive in the process. As well, concentration aura is very nice for anybody with a casting bar. Their weakness is the same as that of a raid healer, though is more dire for a pvper: DPS. They still have a very limited ability to deal damage, which can cost you when you need to burn an opposing figure down fast.

Overall, I would say that the shockadin is ideal for Battlegrounds and 5v5s. In these situations, you will likely not be the prime target, giving you plenty of opportunity to heal when you need to and DPS when you don't. They should not be placed in a setting where they need to focus on healing unless those 20 points in ret don't need to be utilized, such as in an instance. Leave the raid healing to the raid healers and the pvp healing to the pvp healers. Continue reading 'Shockadins vs. Heal Specs'

Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of the greatest Kara failures ever.

Let me start off by saying that the stupid html codething still isn't working, so I'm gonna have to manually do it until I can get it fixed.

That being said, I had one of the greatest Kara runs in the world last night even though we couldn't down Prince and we didn't bother with Nethersprite.

Friday we had run kara as a guild with our nonguild priest friend, Evenfall. We only wiped once at Opera (but we did complete it[it was Romeo and Juliette]) before calling it a night due to lateness. "Same time tomorrow, guys," says Sannhet, the Guild Leader.

Fast forward to the next day, same time. We had about 5 of the people who ran kara the night before, and two weren't able to go. Podias, our raid officer, wasn't going to be back until late, and Sannhet had no place to play. Bellwether, the awesomest resto druid in the world, was not feeling well and went to bed early. Being the only officer on at that time, I called it a night unless somebody else wanted to try to get a half pug going. Greid, who I had just recruited that day, was on and said "Why not" and started putting something together. We had him, Darelin, myself, Chronodar and Finnvarra. We start pugging. Evenfall wasn't on that night, so we needed a priest, a lock for illhoof, and a main tank, as Greid isn't quite to that level yet (though he's damn close). We found a shadow priest (and I feel terrible that I don't remember her name) early on, and eventually we found a fury warrior, Darkninja, and a resto druid, Degini. In comes our savior, Esyla, who said that Sann would be on in about 15 minutes. A full group, and still, for the most part, a guild run.

Anyway, first thing we do is Curator. We had a bit of trouble in the beginning with dps (we had mostly melee dps), but we downed him first shot. He dropped the Gloves of the Fallen Hero [Esyla] and the Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards. Being an upgrade from my Justice Bearer's Pauldrons despite being mail, I got them. Yay loot!

Next comes the Shade of Aran. One wipe due to that damned Flame Wreath, but we downed him after the next shot, and what should he drop but Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker, yet another upgrade for my shoulders since I could use the spell crit. Oh joyous me! I'll just disenchant the mail ones and sell the voids for the guild bank - Oh, wait. What's that? The Sunfire enchant? Yeah, the Sunfire enchant. I was actually beat out by one of the PUGs, but Sannhet is also an enchanter and won the roll altogether (and yes, he is an enchanter), and defaulted his roll to me. This raid could not get any better.

Next is Illhoof. Darelin offered up his spot for the battle to allow Podias a chance to get his staff. One wipe, then we get him. Yeah, the raid did get better. Terestian's Stranglestaff for Podias and the Soulfrost enchant for me (on a roll I won this time!). This is beautiful.

Anyway, chess event. Legplates of the Innocent, upgrade from Consortium Plated Legguards.

Now we're facing Prince. Our Warlock CO, Clabik, showed us a crack method of fighting him, where melee runs into the crack when they're enfeebled to line-of-sight the shadow nova. It worked like a charm when he was there, but this time, out of the three attempts at Prince, an infernal dropped right in front of the crack, forcing dps when enfeebled to either die or run back to the casters , where they would be useless. Needless to say, we didn't down it, and people were getting tired. We called it a night, possibly to try again today or tomorrow, before the server resets.

Anyway, let's recap. Out of the four bosses (including chess as a boss), I got five upgrades, even though one was immediately replaced. I'm fairly certain that if we had downed Prince his Light's Justice would have dropped. In any case, you would have to be crazy not to call this failure a huge success. Well, I would at least, because all that loot I got is loot that others didn't. Sorry guys. It's for the good of the guild? Continue reading 'One of the greatest Kara failures ever.'

Friday, January 4, 2008

What I Forgot

Since I'm such a forgetful procrastinator, my second post will be much like my first. Namely, things I forgot to mention in my first post. Such as, as the title indicates, what to expect.

Firstly, I'm not too much one for long posts on other blogs, so I will not have many. If something I say needs to be further addressed, It will either be in the form of a comment on the post or as a follow up. What can I say? My attention span doesn't last.

Secondly, I am very forgetful. I will have more than a few posts that may be missing things I wanted to say, but forgot to add. On such occasions, I'll follow up on the topic in the same way I'll deal with my short attention span.

Thirdly (and I think I mentioned this in my first post, actually), this is not so much a Paladin blog as it is a collection of my WoW-related thoughts geared toward paladins. If you see something concerning druids or shamans, don't QQ 'cause here's my disclaimer.*

Now next post I promise will actually be WOW-related. I'm just trying to fix this silly html code that's not working for me.

*Disclaimer also includes rogues, priests, warriors, mages, warlocks, and any other class that may or may not be implemented in future patches and expansions of the World of Warcraft video game for the PC and Mac. Continue reading 'What I Forgot'