Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Saturday was probably the best Karazhan run our guild has had in months. Attunmen, Moroes, Maiden, Romule and Julienne, and Curator. An hour and a half. No priest. Pet tanks. Yeah, that's right.

Attunment was pretty standard. Moroes, semi-standard. No priests means no shackle, but three hunters and three paladins means plenty of cc for the adds. No problems here. Maiden? We didn't need Sorli to one-man her, because she went down smooth. No mace, though. Should we call it a night? We don't have any priests...

No way. We're doing far too well. How do we get to Opera, though? Well, we have two tanks, one arms pvp warrior, and three pets. Who needs shackle? Everything worked out. Pets died, but did their part of being aggro cushons for the ice tombed tanks. We get to the opera event. It's Romulo and Julienne. We have two mages and a warrior for interrupts. That should be enough. Julienne goes down, Romulo goes down, they revive, we tank them in their respective corners. 20% on both, bring them to the middle together. Romulo's down, Julienne...healed. Ruh roh. Okay, back to the corners. Romulo goes down to 20%, then Julienne, back to the center. Romulo goes down and Julienne...freaking heals again! Okay, back to the corners. Romulo gets to 20% for the third time, then Julienne. Bring it back to the middle. Okay. Let's kill Julienne first. She goes down, Romulo falls seconds later. That's how you do opera.

But we're not done yet. It's still early and we're all pumped from such a good run. Let's take Curator. We plow through the trash and get to curator. No problems with it, we down him in one shot again. Celebration ensues. We hope Monday we can finish the raid with just as much success.

Not quite so. Half the people don't show up for the raid, so we end up pugging two more healers and a dps (dps was drunk, one healer was high, the other had the "I'm better than you and can yell at you because I've done this more than you even though this is your raid" mindset. I freaking hate that guy. It started out rough, and then we wipe on Shade about four times before downing him. Dumb mistakes. We skip illhoof due to lack of lock. Chess is...well, chess. The healing shield drops, and I'm the only one who needs it. Prince was a wipe and a kill. Tier 4 helm drops. I roll a 10. That pretty much set me off for the rest of the night. I was in a terrible mood after that, and I feel terrible about it because one of our tanks got it, so it wasn't a complete loss. Anyway, onto netherspite. First try is always a wipe when people who need to be in beams have never done it before. Second try is a wipe because somebody didn't run far enough away while the dragon was in banish state. I called it then. I wasn't in the mood to wipe twice more before calling it.

All in all, I'm pleased with the results of the raid, despite the less-than-desirable second half and pugs. Hopefully downing prince has gotten the guild out of our slump. We'll see on Wednsday.

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