Saturday, February 16, 2008

Epic Flight Form in 21 Easy Steps

Are you a slow bird? Are you tired of having to continually yell "Hey guys, wait up! I only fly at 60%!"? Want to show them up? Want to pop into bird form instantly and zoom away while they're sitting around for three seconds to mount up? Well, this 21 step program will let you do just that! And now for a limited time, you can learn these steps for FREE! That's right, just keep reading and you can engage in this 21 step program, a $29.99/month value, for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You'd have to be crazy to pass this up! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Included in this program are pictures for your convenience!

Step 1: Get money

Step 2: Buy skill

Step 3: Talk to a druid trainer

Step 4: Talk to Morthis

Step 5: Collect herbs - Be careful! They explode!

Step 6: Go to Barrow Den, Find sleeping druid

Step 7: Find relics while half-in the emerald dream - Ohnoes! Kill the Aspect!

Step 8: Return to Morthis

Step 9: Find Arthorn

Step 10: Kill aether rays, use their eyes to see dead birdmen, question Sai’kkal

Step 11: Visit Elaira

Step 12: Catch a Sparrowhawk

Step 13: Find Raven Stones in Skettis with the help of said Sparrowhawk

Step 14: Obtain the Essence of the Eagle from the Guardian of the Eagle

Step 15: Obtain the Essence of the Falcon from the Guardian of the Falcon

Step 16: Obtain the Essence of the Hawk from the Guardian of the Hawk

Step 17: Return to Morthis once again - Obtain sexy trinket

Step 18: Find a Southfury Moonstone

Step 19: Kill Anzu

Step 20: Talk to Morthis one last time

Step 21: Enjoy Epic flight form!

That's it! Now you, too, can fly at blinding speed with the best them!

In all seriousness, it's an amazing thing, epic flight form. The questline is amazingly easy up to step 16, as that guy has a crazy resistance to physical attacks and hits like a truck. I had to get a fellow caster guildie to help me out.

It was the second time I had killed Anzu, the first from a PUG who had a mage. It was much easier the first time, as Anzu banishes himself and summons a bunch of nonelite birds you need to kill. The group I went with for my quest had no aoe capability, so it took much longer to down them. Overall, it's a very easy kill, though. No Anzu mount made me sad, but I didn't really expect it anyway. Summoning him and fighting him is a pretty fun encounter, and it looks pretty cool, too.

Clouds form above the talon
Lightning begins striking the cloud, which turns into Anzu, the Raven God.
This is just a really cool picture.
I tried to get a good picture of the birds he summons, but it was very hard to. This is the best I could get.
Though I failed to get a picture of it, there are statues that the healer (or the druid if you have a pally healer) that give buffs and debuffs to the party and the enemies.

So! Now that I've managed to get my epic flight form (which I've been working nonstop for a week or two [the reason I haven't updated in so long]), what will I do next? Buff up my toons. Twalkins can enchant his own stuff, but I need to pay for enchants on Twalvanis. That has the potential to get pretty expensive, so I have some dailies to keep doing (as well as some new netherwing dailies!).

And keep in mind, I have another character to get epic flight form for, as well as another druid to help get epic flight form. So I'm by no means done with needing money.


Nalik said...

Heh, you make it sound so easy - I think step one may be the hardest! Trying to build up cash reserves with a full raiding schedule and a full time job is not easy!

Hopefully I can get there soon, although my current estimate is about 8 weeks until I get the money. That's forever!

Congratulations though, I'm not at all jealous!

Chris said...

Heheh, yeah. Step one is definately the most difficult. The rest of the chain is cake and can be done in one day, granted you get your heroic sethekk halls group (and maybe some help with the aspects).

8 weeks isn't TOO long ;) and it's definitely worth the effort. I don't regret it for a moment spending 5k.