Monday, February 25, 2008

PTR Stuff: Nerfs and Buffs

So, this is probably about the only PTR post you'll see by me. I'm one of those people who knows almost nothing about an upcoming patch past the really big and usually controversial stuff. At the moment, it seems to be the nerf to the Druid's Lifebloom skill. It's being nerfed to 80% of it's current power (or something like that), and all resto druids (as well as other players) are really up in arms about this. I am not.

As with any major nerf (not major as in a big nerf, major as in the one everybody's talking about) comes two opposing sides. The "l2p" side feels that the nerf was justified, that the class was OP and the balance of power was being disruped by them (Balance of Power in 2v2s? Nowai). The other side, the "we didn't deserve this" has the opposite mindset. They feel that the nerf is completely unjustified and that...well, they didn't deserve it. They feel that this nerf could end the viability of their class, to the point where they may consider respeccing or rerolling.

I say nay to either side. I am in the middle. The rigged end of the dime, so to speak. Blizzard has its reasons for everything they do, and I respect that. I cannot say whether the nerf is a make-or-break type of thing to a class, but I do know that if the nerf does disrupt the viability of the class in either pvp or pve, Bliz will work to fix it (perhaps with some readjustment on the player's side). I recall a similar nerf to druids a while ago, about feral tanks, armor reduction, and life loss. I also recall that I OT'd Karazhan on Saturday with my Feral tank.

The moral of the story is: Don't take patch changes so hard, everyone. It's just a game, and another patch is always around the corner.

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