Thursday, February 7, 2008


So! New week, new raid. This time I made a last-second decision to switch to my feral druid and beat out some DPS. It was Button's and Derae's first time in Kara (They've been seventy for only a few days and are already geared for Kara. How awesome is that?)

Anyway, our hunter PUG said he wanted a full clear. This meant that we had some work to do, but we decided to give it a try.

Attunmen down, Moroes down. He dropped his watch, but even though I won the roll, I gave it to Button, for he was the one tanking the fight. Maiden down, I obtain some shiny new bracers. We're doin good. I believe we had to rearrange and pick up someone else, as our other feral druid had to step out. Opera went off without a hitch. We tried Nightbane (as our PUG priest could summon), but we didn't have the heals to keep the tank up. Curator dropped a nice ring that I need for the hit rating, but our hunter ganked it from me (It's okay, though. Our mage ganked the gloves from him). Shade down, skip Illhoof (no lock) chess done (Button got his sword), two wipes on Prince, one wipe on Nethersprite. We called it a night, going to finish the last bosses on Saturday.

I'm going to be DPSing again for the last bosses. I can't wait, it's a nice break from FOL spam.

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